Ways To Keep Your Home Cool

 Global warming is contributing to longer summers and hotter days. While that is good news for sun worshipers, it also poses the challenge of keeping houses cool and comfortable. So what can you do If you've found that your home is uncomfortably warm and it's affecting your everyday life? 


One of the best ways to keep your home cool is to block the heat. It's wise to keep blinds or curtains closed during the hottest part of the day to prevent the sun from shining through the glass and creating a furnace in your home. You can open them again during the evening and open windows to regulate the temperature. Blackout blinds are particularly effective and control the light, thus reducing heat.  Venetian blinds and shutters are great as they can block direct sunlight and allow fresh air into the room. 

Fans and air conditioning 

You could invest in some ceiling fans to keep your home cool; however, these aren't the best option for effective heat control. Air conditioning units are ideal for purifying the air through their filters, and comparing a PTAC heat pump vs electric heat will help you select the right unit for your needs. In addition, some units have dehumidifiers that help remove moisture from the air.

If you shut off your air conditioning unit at night, you should open your windows to allow fresh air into the bedroom.  The night air is cooler, so you won't be letting the heat in. 

Doors/plants/natural fibres 

Keeping doors closed will trap the cool air in specific rooms home, and air conditioners can function better. 

Another positive way to keep cool is to use plants. Plants or large trees placed outside your home in appropriate places can provide much-needed shade and limit the heat from the sun entering your home and warming it up. That being said, only use this option if the room is overexposed to sunlight, such as if it's south-facing. Using big trees may make a room dark and cold if it's north-facing. Plants indoors enhance the quality of air due to transpiration which is the process of moving water from roots to leaves. Plants can control humidity and purify the air.  They are also great for stress which can be responsible for raising body temperature. The best plants to use are rubber plants and palms, as they can help create a microclimate protecting you from the ravages of heat. 

Natural fibers are cooling because they are breathable and help limit sweating. Bed sheets made from linen and cotton will keep you cool at night and contribute to a good nights rest. Using absorbent materials for cushions, pillows, and duvets will help your body control temperature when sleeping. 

Lights and charging

Lights generate a lot of heat, so it's crucial to keep light use to a minimum. Turn them off when not needed, and if you can do without them for as long a possible, you will save money on energy bills too. If you mostly suffer from heat during the night, ensure you don't charge phones and devices next to you or charge them during the day. In addition, you should turn off large appliances such as the oven and tumble dryer to help reduce heat. 

Keeping an ambient temperature can be challenging, but you can enjoy the warm weather and still escape to your home for a cool down with the right things in place.