How to Pick the Best Long Distance Mover

 Moving a long distance is no easy task. It would be best to consider the cost, time, and safety of your belongings when making this decision. Picking the right mover can be difficult because many different things factor into a good company. Read on for some tips on how to find the best moving company in your area!

Request for Estimate

When moving long-distance, you'll want to think about the expenses upfront. To avoid being charged more than the initial quoted cost, it is prudent to request a binding estimate which guarantees the company cannot charge you more. Currently, many movers will draft a binding estimate for free while others charge. There are different regulations related to binding estimates, depending on what state you're moving in. Regardless of whether you've agreed on a price in advance, movers cannot legally charge more than 10% over the quoted offer.

Ensure You Get The Best Service By The Moving Company

It is recommended that you request an estimation that includes a walk-through of all your property. It's important to confirm whether or not the company has experience moving your specific goods because it can affect the price and clarify details about how they will be handled.

For movers to pick up items from inside their homes, most customers have to pay by way of 'handling charges' – this is usually around $50 per 100 lbs (45 kg) but varies depending on location. Get to know more tips for a long distance move so that you are absolutely ready for the move. Movers should provide these rates at the time of estimating before the move. If any special equipment such as a stairlift needs installing, that may add more expense onto what was already included in the estimation.

Get In-house Survey

The first step in any price comparison is to collect estimates from as many moving companies as possible. If you're trying to get a good estimate of the costs from a mover without actually seeing your furniture and other goods, it may sound tedious. Long-distance moves are estimated on weight and distance. Getting the inventory checker to come out and do an in-house survey will help you get a more accurate estimate. The inventory checker may recommend additional packing supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, or shrink-wrap.

Know the Background of the Moving Company

Use the tools provided by the BBB to find a reliable mover of long distance goods. These include checking with the Better Business Bureau as well as search sites like google. You can also check to ensure if they're registered with the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), which means they're willing to comply with the organization's standards of best practices.

Confirm Company's Registration

When you are looking for a moving company, make sure to check the DOT number, which should be available on their website. With this information, you can confirm that the mover is registered with the federal government. The BBB will also display any complaint history the company may have. While DOTs are required for interstate moves, they're often not used by local movers. This means that they are willing to comply with the organization's standards of best practices. The BBB will also display any complaint history the company may have, so be aware when choosing your long distance mover.

Check Ratings

Using online resources is a good way for you to go if you don't have any personal recommendations. To avoid problems and ensure you have a good experience, search for movers on Google. Check the company's reviews to see that more than 100 people recommend them, and their rating is at least four out of five stars - anything lower, and this company is probably not worth your time. Once you've found a well-reviewed company, look over some of the comments written by past customers to see if there are any red flags. Reviews give an insight into the company.

Don't Pay Deposit Earlier

Before you hire a company, make sure they don't request any deposit prematurely. However, if a client pays for the full cost of their move in advance, they are more likely to secure their moving date. To pick the best long-distance mover, be sure to take an in-depth look into any potential company that asks for a deposit in advance.

Match the Prices of different Company

Don't finalize your decision until you have scrutinized every detail of the estimates. Verify the services companies offer, and use any information you find on the company website. The most important quality of a moving company is that you feel confident in their ability to complete the job.


With these tips, you should be able to find the best long distance mover for your needs. You can also rest assured that you've done everything in your power to make sure nothing was overlooked and your move goes smoothly! Good luck on choosing a company, and if we can help with anything else before or after the move, just let us know. We are happy to assist where needed.


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