5 Lockdown Fun Activities to Keep Toddlers Busy

 As a parent, you want to keep your kids occupied all day long! With so many tech devices and television shows geared towards entertainment, you'd think this would be no problem. However, it has become increasingly challenging to keep your kiddos entertained while attempting to do normal household tasks or running errands.  

Consequently, below are some fun lockdown activities for your toddler to keep them occupied.

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Have a Picnic Outside

You don't have to eat outside; just lay out a blanket on the floor with fun food your toddler loves. Pack up some goodies and head outdoors to have a picnic! Pack snacks, throw in a few new books your child will enjoy and pack them up in a bin that you can easily carry. 

If you don't have the time or budget to take your kids out to eat, then head to their favorite park for an impromptu picnic with fresh air.

Take Photos

Nothing keeps kids engaged, like a good photo session. For one, they’ll be too busy with the available props to throw tantrums. To make it exciting, plan for a family photoshoot and add a  baby photography session too for your infant. 

Paint or Draw

For this activity, you will need some paint or a drawing pad and crayons. Set up your child's art supplies on lockdown so they can only access them at home. Once again, there are many possibilities for lockdown activities when it comes to painting! 

You could give the toddler instructions on how to paint a stick figure of his favorite animal, create a masterpiece using different color pigments, or even mix colors to produce new paint shades.

For drawing, keep in mind that most children love coloring and drawing with crayons. Also, if you have sent your toddler off to daycare, these ideas will be great for the sitter too!

Dance to Songs on Youtube Kids

For lockdown dancing, you will need your child's favorite tunes (youtube kids is an excellent website for toddler lockdown activities). Next, set up the music so your kiddo can only listen to their favorite playlists while at home. 

The beauty of dancing is that your child has no idea they are on lockdown. Play some fun children's songs such as The Wheels on the Bus, etc., and watch how much fun they have moving around in circles, clapping hands, and jumping up and down. 

This will be good for their physical activity, too, and you can use it as a technique to tire them before bed for a smooth bedtime process.

Go on a Stroll

For this lockdown activity, you will need to pack up your child's favorite toys and coat. Bundle everything up in one big bin so your toddler can only play with these items while you are outside of the home. 

You can plan a fun trip to the park, walk around the neighborhood, or even go on a run! This is especially great for toddlers who have developed a little active personality. 


Take advantage of lockdown activities because they are fun and engaging for your child! They will learn many essential skills all the while you are keeping them busy. Try out the above activities to keep your kid occupied, and you are less occupied taking care of them.