5 Of The Best Homemade Gifts For Christmas 2021


With the holiday season rapidly approaching, there’s no better time to begin to think about presents for those special people in your life. Whether or not you are in the enviable position of being able to afford the latest trending gifts and fashions for your family this holiday season, homemade gifts are sentimental, thoughtful, and altogether more emotionally impactful than anything you can buy in-store. 

With that in mind, continue reading for five of the best homemade gifts for Christmas 2021.

  1. Christmas Panettone 

There is scarcely a more well-received homemade gift nor a more delicious one than to bake a homemade, delectable present than a beautiful, icing-sugar dusted, packed with fruit, and carefully balanced with spiced panettone. 

Go the extra mile and lovingly personalize your panettone using fine icing implements and letter stencils to really make an impact with your homemade baking skills this Christmas. 


  1. Statement Cards

These days, the greeting card market is truly saturated with every sentiment from congratulations on a new job or the purchase of a new home to commiserations at a funeral and even the classic ‘sorry to hear your budgie’s friend’s dog’s car broke down.’

Handmade statement Christmas cards are a fabulous way to really get creative with your craft sets and stencils, experimenting with color, textures, styles, and themes to create a truly unique statement Christmas card for a loved one this Christmas. 

Take your time to individualize and personalize your cards as much as possible, and be sure to always choose themes and backgrounds that you know that particular person loves. 

  1. Winter Hats, Scarves & Gloves

As practical as they are, presenting fashionable, chunky knitted hats, scarves, and gloves as a gift this Christmas is a fantastic way to allow a loved one the opportunity to be as warm as possible in some truly one-of-a-kind knitted accessories. 

  1. Baubles

For those older members of the family and friends who appear to simply have it all, another fantastic homemade gifting option is to create your own line of extremely limited, magnificently decorated Christmas baubles. 

Unless you are an expert glassblower, it is strongly advised to start with pre-made glass baubles. Always remember to select the paints and stick-on’s carefully to ensure they are suitable to be used on glass. 

  1. Draught Excluders

For anyone from a young niece or nephew that now has their own bedroom, the couple who have just bought their first home, or your grandparents that do not need new hats, baubles, and cakes, think entirely outside of the box and choose to create a draught excluder. Far more brimming with potential than you may think, consider using their, past or present, pets as a template and, for even more sentiment, incorporate a collar with the pet in question’s name or nickname. 

Homemade and handmade gifts this Christmas are the perfect way to show your friends, family members, and loved ones just how much you love, respect, and value them this holiday season.


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