Common Legal Issues we Can all End Up In and What to Do

 Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Legal issues cover almost every aspect of life. Literally, from birth to death and everything in between, you will run into matters of law from time to time. However, not all regulation is related to criminal activity. The police are rarely involved in legal proceedings unless a serious crime has been committed. Most legal cases are civil suits such as damage of property, road traffic accidents, or disputes over money and estate.

Love them or loathe them, lawyers and attorneys are available by the bucket load for almost any situation. For example, while you may have heard of high-profile criminal attorneys representing famous clients, you may not have heard that some attorneys and lawyers actually represent companies that produce maple syrup in Canada! Basically, there is a lawyer for just about anything you can imagine.

Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers can be found almost everywhere. While some people don't take them seriously, they are very good at their job. Essentially a personal injury lawyer will represent you if you have been hurt in such things as a car accident, an injury at work, or bodily damage caused by somebody else. So, for example, if you are involved in one of the 6 million US road traffic collisions per year, you should call a car accident attorney. They can help if somebody crashes into you, causing severe injury or common whiplash.

However, personal injury cases are rising for superficial damage that most courts might be obliged to throw out. Therefore you should be careful about making a claim for something unless you have strong physical and medical evidence that an actual serious injury was caused. If this is the case, then a claim can be made for loss of earnings, damages, and emotional stress.

Injury to Someone Else

Conversely, you might have caused injury to somebody else either intentionally or accidentally. For example, you may have been involved in a bar fight and caused severe damage to somebody's face. Or you might have accidentally hit them in the face with a pool cue in said bar. Either one can be considered just as serious as the other when it comes to legal proceedings. Although you won't likely face criminal prosecution if the injury was accidental, you may be subject to paying damages to the claimant.

However, you can protect yourself and limit the amount you either have to pay or pay any costs at all by hiring a reasonable attorney capable of representing you well enough.  Whether harm caused to another person was intentional or not, in the eyes of the law, there is a criminal proceeding that needs to be investigated by law enforcement. Therefore, it is advised that you hire the best lawyer you can afford or risk possible jail time if the injuries were severe enough.

The Cuffs are Out

Using a bar fight as an example again, there may be a case where the police are called. Unfortunately, somebody has to be taken into custody because severe harm has been caused to another person or property. In many cases, the attending police officers may simply break up a bar fight, ask everybody to leave, and send you on your way. However, should there be a significant cause for concern where there has been apparent physical harm to somebody else, you may be arrested.

Suppose a police officer indicates that they intended to arrest you or they have charged you. In that case, you should always call a lawyer if you have the means. Having a lawyer present during any interrogation or subsequent investigation will help you significantly. Police officers are well trained in getting you to talk and incriminate yourself. Therefore it is best advised that should you be arrested, you say nothing at all and promptly call your lawyer as soon as you are able.

Division of Assets

One of the most common reasons to enlist the help of a legal firm is for the division of assets. Division of assets usually happens when somebody dies, and there is contention over a will or estate. Also, division of assets can occur following a divorce proceeding. Not everyone has a happy marriage, and these are both unpleasant scenarios that nobody really wants to go through. Without legal help, it can take years of bitter disputes, arguments, and falling out.

Fortunately, many lawyers specialize in such matters. Division of assets is a complex process and requires large amounts of paperwork, agreements, and contracts to be signed. Lawyers trained in this and their assistants can arrange all the necessary meetings, paperwork, and court appointments if necessary. Should you feel any kind of dispute over assets or property, consult an attorney immediately. The longer it is left, the more complex the process becomes.