Ready, Aim, Shoot- Water Gun Fun

We had plans to go down down to the free fountains but when we got down there they were not on and not turning on.  I still have to find out when they are on.  We had a great time there a few weeks ago on a sporadic moment.  :)  So I had to think quick since I had a little girl who was sad.  So we had a super fun water gun fight!  :)  Getting wet is our theme lately with the hot temps.  I was very happy a couple days prior I had purchased these 2 water guns at "Dollar Tree."  

Yep, she got a lot more wet them me.  LOL, I must have better aim!  ;)

I had fun trying to hide by a tree or even the big electrical boxes.  :)  We even did a "Western Draw" where we lined up back to back and took 3 big steps and then turned around and shot at each other.  Daddy was sweet and took pictures for us but I think I will have to buy another squirt gun for him because I am pretty sure there will be a next time.  :) 

I also filled a bucket with water so it was easy to fill them up.  :)    


Yes! Yolanda said…
Looks so fun! Now I have to go get some waterguns too! hehe.
With any luck they'll be on sale since they're trying to fit in the school stuff!
Jenny said…
So cute. With temps consistently over 100 where I am, my boys don't want to go outside at all (not at all like them!) I love your background pic of praying hands--awesome :)

Found you through the Thursday Cup of Joe Hop. I hope you'll follow me back :)
Unknown said…
Thanks for stopping by life with Twins and a Drama Queen. I’m now following you back
MommyMandi said…
I love it! And she looks so happy. What fun!
Unknown said…
My boys love love water guns! and just water. . . and guns. . . well, they are such BOYS! looks like great fun! new follower- from the play link!
(i'd love to talk to you about being featured!)

we have a homemade science kit that might be perfect to share!
Oh my gosh! Look how cute she is in that last picture! How fun.
Aimee said…
You guys look like you had a blast! Can you believe summer is almost gone? Thank you for sharing this with us on The Sunday Showcase