Thankful Thursday's

I am a little slow today at getting this out.  There are so many things to be praising GOD for this week!

1. Forgiveness- I know I mess up but man I am so grateful for a God who forgives and forgets.  I am trying to teach my daughter about forgiving as she has a hard time of remembering to forget as she forgives, but God throws our sin away and forgets all about it!  AMEN

2. Farmer's markets- I love getting healthy food and I love supporting the locals, and it is just so fun and nice outside to shop and enjoy!

3. My meeting for Children's church went very well last weekend.  :)

4. Football season is starting- I am a big fan!  PS... I think God cheers for the Packers too!  LOL  ;)

5. I was actually very relieved today that I was not at school teaching but spending it with my love bugs!  :) I know life would be so different if I would have taken a full time teaching job and right now is not the Lord's timing and HE knows BEST-THAT IS FOR SURE!  How happy I was today being with my 2 love bugs at the Farmer's market, getting ice cream, and the splash pad!  :)  FUN MOMMY and KIDS day!  :)


Candice said…
He does know best! So glad you had a great time with the kiddos - sounds like a blast! By the should check out my Etsy handbag giveaway going on right now. Entries are low, so your chances are high :)
Michelle Brown said…
I loved number one, because my daughter has a hard time with that as well. She has an incredible memory as well. Not a good combination.

Love your blog.
I'm happy to see football season upon us. But I do wish it would cool off some!