Halloween Candy Buy Back!

So I got a letter from one of the local dentists in town and I want to share the neat program they have.  They have a buy back on kids Halloween candy.  When a child 12 or under comes in on  November 1st they will pay your child $1 for every 1 pound of candy and they will get a new firefly flashing toothbrush!

So what will the Dentist do with all of the candy they buy??  The candy will be shipped overseas with the help of a local post office to our courageous troops while serving our country.    

Not only do they send the candy to our troops but they are also teaming up with a local food pantry and will match $1 per pound received!  AWESOME!    

"Global sugar consumption for kids increases by about 2 % annually and currently sits at 50 million tons per year.  This means parents need to be more diligent right now more than ever before.  Too much candy can lead to weight gain, as well as cavities and other health problems.  In some cases, the wrong type of candy can also lead to broken teeth and damaged braces."


stlavonlady said…
That is a great idea! My daughter always gets so much candy and really doesn't eat that much of it. My husband and I usually eat most of it or he takes it to work. I certainly don;t need to be doing that. lol Wish we had a local dentist that was doing that.

Happy Saturday!
Unknown said…
I have heard about programs like this before. Really a cool idea!

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