Day 26: Hands on Play- play in a box


                              PLAY IN A BOX

Spend [at least] 15 minutes playing with, in or around a cardboard box! Let the imaginations of your children decide what it will be today. Add any elements needed to create it.

Since we just put up the Christmas tree it was easy to figure out we were going to play with the big tree box. :)  

First we were drawing and coloring shapes.  Then Selah started to draw random things and before I knew it we had a house for her princess's.  :) 

I think she was a bit sad when I told her it was time to clean up because we were going to put the box back in the garage.  We live in a small place so the box was kinda blocking our door. 

Ponies were on guard. 


Unknown said…
Isn't it wonderful to see the creativity inspired by a simple box! lovely

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