Fun with Pipe Cleaners

A great idea for toddlers! 

I think my son sat in one spot for at least 30 minutes with only a strainer and pipe cleaners.  :) 

At 17 months it took a lot of concentration to get the pipe cleaner in one of the holes of the strainer but he DID it!  :)  I did have to do hand over hand a couple times but then he figured it out.   This activity is also an awesome fine motor skill.  We worked on the pincer grasp and holding the pipe cleaner at the end so it would be easier to put in the hole of the strainer.  

He also had a ton of fun simply waving the pipe cleaners.  He also seemed to really enjoy pulling the pipe cleaners out of the strainer.  

Shortly after Titus was done his sister came home from school and was very excited to play with them too.  Then it became a game of Selah putting the pipe cleaners in the strainer and Titus pulling them out.  


we did this last year and made spiders! thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase!

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