Growing Little Girl

Make-up, Make-up, Make-up... I personally do not wear it every day since having children.  I remember when I hit Jr. High and High School I would apply it daily without hesitation.  Sadly I look back at pictures and realize how foolish my makeup habits were at the time.  My husband even makes fun of me now when he points out the silver or blue eye shadow choices I had made in my past.  

My daughter gets to wear it every once in awhile or for special occasions.  She would like to wear it more often though since I hear, "mom, can I wear make-up today" at-least once a week. 

So as a mom who is very aware of the media's pull on my daughter I am trying to find a balance and keep this issue under control.  I remember when I was teaching full time how often I would see young girls come to school with makeup on their face and how terrible it looked.  I want my daughter to feel beautiful without the makeup and know that it is something special to get dressed up and be all fancy.  The first time she wore make-up was for her first dance recital 2 years ago, feel free to see that post, Selah Dance Recital.  

Since the dance recital she has worn make up for holiday's and other special events.  She has received lots of lip gloss gifts, nail polish, and even a little eye make up too.  I have some concerns with the products she has received since I am not sure about all those chemicals that so many companies are using.  I think it is time for me to start reading up on that safety to ensure my daughter is safe!  I encourage all of you to do the same! 

I think one way I am going to allow her to feel more independent and yet not allow her to look like a fool is find a good face cream with a good SPF that will protect her from the sun and also check to make sure the ingredient list is safe.  I think the jane iredale makeup might have just the right thing for my daughter.  That way she can have a little face concealer on that is protecting her from the sun and allow her to have some lip gloss and call it enough unless it is a special occasion. 

Parents do you allow your young daughter to wear makeup?  What Age?  What type of makeup?  


Winter said…
I take great pride in preserving my little girl's "girlhood" so to speak. We limit our children's television time, but since she is the oldest we try to make sure we allow her some freedom but instill that she doesn't have to be like everyone else to feel important or special. I try to explain the realities of wearing makeup so young. She is allowed to for special occasions as well, but she understands why we limit it. Great topic!