Another Iowa Get-A-Way with the Family

After we had a few bumps in the road in Dubuque with rude customer service at Pizza Ranch and a dirty play area for the kids we made our way to the Quad Cities. 

First we arrived and the weather was much better then Wisconsin and I soon realized I did not pack right.  We headed to the mall and were able to make a huge score!!  My husband found winter jackets for $5 and jeans for $5!  WOOT!  It seems we always find amazing deals when we find a new mall.  :) 

We were in the mall waiting for daddy to come back so we made our own fun photo shoot.  :) 

One resturant we do not have in Wisconsin is Steak n Shake so we made sure to visit it!  I love the activities they hand out to children, it includes the cute hat, and a little car, plus some crayons and coloring page!  WAY TO GO Steak n Shake for being so awesome! I love the Frisco burger and recommend it!  YUM! 

Since the weather was so nice we were able to check out several parks which then made us hungry for ice cream.  I have a new favorite place, Whitey's!  I have never heard of Whitey's before but I am a new fan.  If you ever seen one try the pecan praline in a waffle cone because my mouth is watering just typing it, yes it's that good!