Book Worth Reading: "Ride On a Motorcycle Journey to Awaken the Soul and Rediscover its Maker" by Joseph Fehlen

I love finding books that incorporate faith with another life passion.  It is easy to see that Joseph has a deep relationship with Papa God but also has a love and desire for his motorcycle.  

I may not be a biker or even a biker babe for that matter,  but my husband did own a couple of bikes for a short season and maybe when we can afford a good bike rather then a bike constantly needing fixing we can make it happen for him.  My husband sold his bikes after a small accident which you can read about in my post titled, Thank You Jesus for Protecting Him.  

I know my husband deep down somewhere would like to have a bike again some day so it was a good eye opener to read Joseph's book and hear about his journey to getting a bike.  The humor he involved in telling his story is awesome!  Reading this book allowed me to think about my husband in another form when it comes to the topic of motor bikes!  

Beyond the stories from getting permission from his parents and wife, to saving for a bike, to purchasing his first bike Joseph is able to form great parallels with biking and his relationship with Papa God.  It is fascinating to see how he connects with God while on his Bike.  As a christian it really gets me thinking about where I connect with God the best! 

My favorite quote from the book says, " In biker terms, He is the center of our wheel, the hub that everything else spins around.  my family, friends, job, community are all spokes and sections of the wheel that revolve around Christ.  I cannot just check Jesus off my wheel, then move on to the next of my priorities.  He is always present."  

This book is for anyone really but would make a great Father's Day gift to any husband and father. 

I truly think any person will enjoy reading this book.  Pick up your copy today on Amazon.