Adagio Tea Review

Thanks, Adagio Tea for sending me all this tea to review in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% mine.  

I feel like I have been spoiled with all of this tea!   I have reviewed Adagio tea's in the past so you can read that review HERE and HERE.   

This time I got a lot of new flavors and tried more of the tea in bags.  The tea bags I ordered include; pomegranate, white pear, hibiscus, and white strawberry.  The loose leaf tea I ordered was Fijian rain, and the two mint tins.  

I don't even know what one to talk about first because they all are full of great flavor notes!  I have such a variety that each morning I struggle with which one I should make! 

One tea that is on the rise popularity wise is the hibiscus. I found this tea to be very refreshing with a mild sweet taste.  I think my favorite one in this bunch is the white strawberry.  It actually reminds me of a fruity pie.  I mean who doesn't want to wake up with a reminder of pie!   All of Adagio tea bags are top quality.   I love the softness of each bag not like a store bought tea bag.  

The mint tin teas were so minty in smell that just opening the tin made me excited to drink the tea.  The tins make me laugh a bit because they aren't labeled as a tea so I imagine someone could find it and question what I have.   

Time to get to their store or visit them online to order! 


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