Reuse 3D Glasses

April 22nd is EARTH DAY!!  I am hoping to share more ideas on simple ways to reuse things around your house for art projects for the kids!  :)

The first project is embellishing some 3-D glasses.  The hubby and I went to a 3-D movie not long ago and we both agreed we should save the glasses for something fun.  (The movie theaters I attend do have a recycling box for the glasses which is awesome.)  


How adorable are those faces??  I think next time we need to ask for kid sizes so the glasses will stay on their faces.  

Here are the simple steps to creating your Recycled- Reused pair of 3-D Glasses.

1. Take the lens out.

2. Pick out your supplies.  My 5 year old was allowed to use nail polish while my son and friend were only allowed to use sticky gems and stickers that we had left over from a Sticky Mosaics Project.   

3. Ready set let the kids create! 

Maybe you have some other recycled items you can add to make your sunglasses even more hip! Bottle caps?  String?  Lace?  Ribbon?  

Here are a few more ideas on ways we have reused items that would have otherwise been thrown in the trash.  

Keep your eyes peeled for more recycling fun! 


Love how you reused these! Perfect for Earth Day!

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